Real Estate

Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. handles a wide array of real estate projects and transactions in all related aspects, including real estate purchases and sale transactions, management of real estate assets, rent and lease agreements, residential projects (urban renewal and national outline plan no. 38), projects and income-producing projects.

The firm provides legal counsel for contractors, entrepreneurs, management companies and construction companies regarding establishment and execution of real estate projects, including residential projects.
The firm’s legal support spreads throughout the project’s entire life cycle, inter alia, counseling entrepreneurs, contractors and professional figures through the project’s implementation, handling the contractual array between suppliers, subcontractors and tenants, counsel regarding project delivery, and registration of apartments, buildings and rights.

In addition, the firm handles yield bearing projects, from the stage of their acquisition and establishment to their ongoing operation and management.

The firm represents tenants and apartment owners in urban renewal projects in the full length of their stages, starting from the initial arrangements, through choosing the entrepreneur, managing the negotiations with it and choosing and nominating professionals throughout the entire project.

The firm is well known in the Kibbutz and Moshav sectors, holding a unique real estate expertise in this practice. The firm provides legal counsel for Kibbutz, Moshav and agricultural land owners regarding commercial and energy projects within their agricultural lands, including change of designation procedures or additions to land use regarding different projects.
In addition, the firm provides counsel regarding unique real estate projects for Kibbutz residency, including the development and expansions of Kibbutz residential complexes (both within the kibbutz official members’ residential areas and as regards kibbutz expansions) throughout Israel.