קניין רוחני

Technology and Intellectual property

Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. provides a wide range of unique services relating the technology and IP (Intellectual property) practice fields, including ongoing legal counsel regarding companies’ IP assets, as well as providing commercial counsel on this ever-growing market of technology, inter alia, in matters of Internet and new media.

In the IP practice field, the firm offers an all-inclusive IP counsel encompassing all related aspects, including registration and protection of copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs; protection of inventions, developments, designs and marketing substances, as well as handling distribution and licensing agreements; IP rights transactions; infringements of IP rights; IP rights within the Internet realm, domain’s names and more.

As a result of this well-known expertise and the imposing results of the firm at this field, the firm represents a great number of technology clients- among others, internet and new media companies, cellular companies, social networks and more.

The firm provides its clients with legal solutions for safeguarding their cyberspace activity, inter alia, in issues relating to the development of internet websites and cellular applications, including, but not limited to: drafting terms of use and privacy statements (including adaptations for social networks), e-commerce, internet contracting, website hosting agreements and promotion of websites.

The practice field involves unique and dynamic legal aspects that require specific expertise, as well as an ongoing track of the new legal developments in Israel and abroad, and the ability to quickly process and adapt to such developments.

The firm offers a unique and innovative approach for the protection of IP assets. In this framework, the firm provides its clients with an encompassing IP defense array, including the building of a comprehensive file of IP assets, reviewing potential IP assets and forming a strategy for developing and protecting IP assets.

In addition, the firm assists its clients in preventing breaches of others’ IP rights, thus reducing the risk of future lawsuits. Using its self-developed and unique IP work method, the firm assists its clients to utilize the full financial value of their IP assets, by means of raising their value towards M&A transactions, commercialization of rights, granting licenses and more.