הילה בס

Hila Bass


Commercial law, Real estate, Renewable energy


Bar Admission:
Israel Bar Association, 2002

LL.B. from the College of Management and an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University

Hebrew, English


Adv. Hila Bass is a partner at Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. and heads firm’s real estate practice field.
Hila specializes in all aspects of commercial law, provides ongoing legal counsel for a variety of companies and handles contracts and various transactions.
Hila is one of the firm’s leading partners in the renewable energy practice field, providing legal counsel for substantial energy projects.

Real Estate
Hila’s real estate expertise evolved over years of experience in providing legal counsel to corporations in various real estate issues.
Hila has broad experience in providing legal counsel throughout all stages of real-estate projects, such as residential projects, starting from the land purchase, through legal counsel to entrepreneurs, contractors and other professionals during execution, contracting with suppliers and subcontractors, tenants contracts and registration of condominiums and other property rights.
Hila also handles yield bearing properties staring in the acquirement of assets, the different aspects of the construction phase, and up to the ongoing project operation and management.
In addition, Hila represent both buyers and sellers in various real estate transactions.
Hila specializes in the real estate field in the Kibbutz and Moshav sectors, providing counsel for unique real estate commercial and residential projects in such sectors, including the development and expansions of Kibbutz residential complexes (both within the kibbutz official members’ residential areas and as regards kibbutz expansions) throughout Israel.
Moreover, Hila represents tenants and apartment owners in urban renewal projects in the full length of their stages, starting from the initial arrangements, through choosing the entrepreneur, managing the negotiations with it and choosing and nominating professionals throughout the entire project.

Commercial Law
Along her activity in the real estate practice, Hila accumulated more than a decade of experience in providing ongoing legal counsel to commercial corporations, handling their contractual array (including M&A transactions) and providing a complete package of legal services consistent with client’s business needs.
Hila provides clients with comprehensive and personal legal services, from early stages of the transaction’s through completion, debating legal issues that arise during projects’ life cycle, and orchestrating creative solutions required for the project’s progress.
Among Hila’s clients are commercial corporations, entrepreneurs, contractors and private individuals, each benefiting from specifically-tailored legal counsel for their every need.

Renewable Energy
In addition to her expertise in the real-estate practice and in commercial law, Hila is one of the firm’s leading partners in the renewable energy practice field, in cooperation with the firm’s northern branch.
Hila is well acquainted with all matters involving establishing a renewable energy project from the perspective of entrepreneurs, service providers and land owners (including in the agricultural and rural sectors).
The firm’s knowledge in general and Hila’s knowledge in particular, are based on broad experience in a wide spectrum of projects, including wind energy, solar energy and pumped storage.
Hila is involved in cutting-edge environmental technology projects, and is highly knowledgeable in recent developments in these practice fields.
Among her clients are renewable energy companies and entrepreneurs, as well as Kibbutzim, Moshavim and land owners involved in renewable energy projects.

Hila is well esteemed by her clients due to her deep commitment in pursuing their interests and business objectives. She considers availability as a main professional guideline, striving to provide timely and effective legal solutions for each client’s respective need.

Hila joined the firm as an associate in 2002 and became a partner in 2011.