Working as an attorney with Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. will expose you to the many issues that the commercial field involves.

You will be part of a team that leads both local and international transactions, advising corporations in their ongoing activities, and representing clients before various legal tribunals.

The firm’s work groups comprise experienced partners, young attorneys and interns and create a unique combination of maturity, skill, diverse work dynamics and creative thought.

The firm appreciates the great importance of investing in the professional development of valuable team members. The lawyers at our firm often enjoy various opportunities for professional and personal growth via participation in professional courses, gaining practical international experience through the firm’s various partners worldwide and more.

The firm encourages a professional, creative and above all – human work environment.

The pleasant atmosphere creates a family-like sense and a strong affinity. The firm promotes personal excellence along social interaction, carefully selects its personnel, and considers each employee as an indispensable part of its activities and success.

To apply for a position with the Firm, please send your application to:


The Internship Program

As interns, you will be exposed to various fields and practices of the legal world. Working aside different attorneys, you will be part of the transactional negotiations, engage in contract drafting and in the preparation of different court filings. The work of the intern is a day-by-day learning procedure of the secrets of the legal profession.

The firm encourages independence in tackling complex assignments as part of the legal training procedure; and in this way, it attempts to provide the intern with the tools required to complete the internship with all the skills necessary in order to start your career as a commercial lawyer.

The scope of responsibilities and progress of each intern are individual and linked to the effort and original thought that each intern presents. The firm encourages its legal team to promote its professional skills and to expand firm’s practices, as it is reflected, for example, in its open door policy, allowing to each lawyer an immediate access to every partner of the firm.
The firm’s lawyers are typically selected out of those who are excelling in their internship with the firm, and therefore each intern is considered as having the ability to contribute to the future growth of the firm.

The Training Program

The Training Program includes a 12 months pre-internship (part-time job), typically assumed during the last year of the academic studies, and taking relevant restraints into consideration. The pre-internship allows student interns to benefit from an early exposure to the legal practice and grants them with basic legal experience.
The students who are accepted into the pre-internship program commence their internship as ones who are already equipped with practical legal knowledge; and hence they are better qualified to perform advanced legal tasks. As graduates, and immediately after passing the bar exam, they have all the tools required in order to start their career as independent lawyers.

To apply to the intern program, please contact us at: