תעשייה קיבוצית וחקלאות

Kibbutz and Moshav Sectors, Agriculture

The Kibbutz and Moshav industries have their own distinctive nature, as their legal characteristics require unique specialization and profound acquaintance with their special operational mechanism, financial and social motives. Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel handling Kibbutz and Moshav industries, conducting a comprehensive and dynamic legal practice for many years.

Thanks to the legal team’s hands-on experience and close acquaintance with the Kibbutz and Moshav sector, integrated with commercial corporations’ counseling expertise, the firm acquired an excellent reputation in this practice field, and it is prestigiously positioned among the elite legal firms practicing Kibbutz and Moshav industries

The firm’s clients enjoy professional legal services timely provided by its northern branch, which is managed by experienced and skillful legal team; the legal team of this branch holds a unique expertise with respect of the Kibbutz and Moshav sectors.

The firm’s extensive legal services in this field encompass the legal matters involved in the establishment or purchase of different business activities; they also comprise the promotion of Kibbutz and cooperatives’ business models, unique real-estate transactions, which include extensions both inside and across the “blue line” (the border of the kibbutzim’s official members’ residential area), settling legal disputes in courtrooms and in ADR procedures, all of which – while providing an ongoing legal counsel.

In addition, the firm has a unique business agriculture practice. In this respect, the firm provides an extensive legal counsel encompassing all agricultural cooperatives’ conducts, including cooperation with external elements regarding agricultural lands, representation of agricultural manufacturers and plants, and providing counsel for industrial enterprises regarding distribution and export of agricultural products.