הייטק, ביוטק, ואינטרנט

High-Tech, Bio-Tech and Internet

Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co.’s legal counsel covers the full life cycle of high-tech companies, from the incorporation process, through regular legal counsel for mature companies (including inter-alia, handling joining of investors and other forms of capital raising for these companies), and up to transactions for the sale of the company itself or essential parts of its business activity.

The firm has an extensive practice in counseling Israeli branches of internationally-leading high-tech companies, as well as in handling the M&A transactions of domestic and international high-tech companies.

The reputation gained by the firm in this area stems from many years of providing counsel to high-tech companies’ overall activity, including ongoing commercial aspects, litigation, M&A, labor law and intellectual property.

The legal team of Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. obtained its long years of experience, while counseling unique and prominent high-tech companies, as well as innovative startups in their early stages of activity and preliminary capital raisings.

Within this expanding practice, the firm specializes in identifying the best legal framework for pursuing clients’ objectives. Since the understanding of each company’s needs is critical for its success, the entrepreneurs and the investors are playing a significant role in forming the company’s future corporate infrastructure.
Considering the level of involvement the firm’s legal team has in its clients’ activity, and its full identification with their objectives, many of our clients see us as genuine partners for their business journey.

To sum up, the never-ending interdisciplinary collaborations within the boundaries of the firm itself, whose employees come from different areas of expertise and experience, the firm’s clients receive a complete package of legal services, answering all their business needs, in a diversity of areas, including intellectual property, M&A and labor law.
The firm has many years of experience in counseling high-tech, biotech, communication and Internet companies, and is highly knowledgeable in all the unique aspects concerning their activity.