דיני עבודה

Labor Law

Shenhav, Konforti, Rotem & Co. is considered as one of Israel’s foremost law firms in the labor law practice, enjoying an excellent reputation among commercial employers. The firm considers the labor law as one of its important fields and therefore provides its clients a meaningful service in this unique area.

The effort to reduce labor disputes and conflicts is one of the most fundamental principles and a cornerstone of the labor law practice. The legal team at this field supports the creation of an effective and well-planned working array in order to keep the balance between the employer’s business interests and the employee’s legal rights at its optimum. That, in order to reduce the client’s labor disputes to the minimum.

The labor law practice field provides an ongoing legal counsel to a variety of companies, relying on highly skilled legal personnel with expertise in regulation and relevant ruling. Identifying potential problems that may arise from labor discrepancies is where the firm focuses its attention and resources, in the attempt to prevent problems and complications in advance. If future labor discrepancies do occur, the same specialized team seeks a full and efficient resolution, consequently strengthening the company’s protection against future lawsuits and legal quarrels.

In addition, the practice field’s legal team represents clients in complex labor-related legal disputes, both as plaintiffs and defendants. The legal team is well versed and experienced in representing commercial companies in labor disputes throughout different possible instances (Labor Courts, the ministry of economy units, etc.).

The firm’s labor practice field represents mainly commercial companies and employers, including large organizations and well-known commercial companies that employ thousands of employees. Among the team’s clients, there are Israeli branches of international companies, which seek the legal team’s counsel on interstate labor and labor related issues.