Accessibility Statement

Our firm Shenhav Konforti Rotem & Co. is committed to making our website and services as accessible as possible to everyone, including people with special needs and/or disabilities, all as part of our commitment to promote the values of human dignity and liberty, and the principle of equality among the different sectors of the Israeli society.

Accordingly, we invest efforts and resources in improving the accessibility of our website to people with disabilities, by implementing the accessibility bar of Netbiz Software Services Ltd., all in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Standard (SI 5568, “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines”) and adhere to level AA, as well as the accessibility requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium W3C (WCAG 2.0) (with the exclusion of changes and additions according to the requirements of the Israeli Standard).

The accessibility bar available in the website is subject to the terms of use of the manufacturer and Netbiz Software Services Ltd. The website owners and/or their representatives assume any and all responsibility for using the site, including content viewed on site, all subject to the terms of use of the software.

The website’s accessibility bar is optimized for most major browsers such as:

  • Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari


Browsing the website and the accessibility bar’s features:

The accessibility bar includes, inter alia, the following features for the convenience of the user:

  • Keyboard navigation (TAB or Ctrl + B, to open and close the navigation bar);
  • Contrast increase;
  • Font increase or decrease;
  • Mouse cursor color change;
  • Black and white display;
  • Links highlight.


Accessibility Exceptions:

Despite our firm’s efforts to make our website accessible and in its maintenance, you might find elements which are not fully accessible and/or we were unable to make accessible technologically and/or technical malfunctions. If you have any difficulties browsing the website or for any questions please contact us in the following addresses: