The new offices of our northern branch have been launched

Last February the new offices of our northern branch have been launched. The northern branch was established more than a decade ago, and the underlying idea was simple- to bring Tel- Aviv to the north. The purpose was to allow business in the north to acquire legal services being international standard, offered by an office engaging all aspects of legal international business with direct accessibility and availability.

Adv. Amos Konforti, senior partner, said in his speech at the launch event “that our message to the Galilee was, and still, professionalism, recognitions of our clients’ needs and availability. We do not cease from applying those principles. I believe that today we have the adequate knowledge in order to promote our clients’ needs in the ministry sector, more than any other law firm”.

In spite of the fact that the north branch operates from a different residence, for us it is an “additional room” of the office in Tel- Aviv. Both branches consistently contribute one another with the knowledge accumulated in the different fields of law.